Ten Strategies for Distribution Success

Brian Lang - GM Real Time Logistics, Dematic

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Please join us in listening to one of Icon's key partners present at this years Mastering SAP SCM event in Sydney. 

Australia is on the cusp of an important shift in the supply of labour. Since 2010 more baby boomers exited the workforce than Gen Ys entered. On top of this Gen Ys aren’t as keen to do the kind of work that their parents and grandparents were prepared to. The result is a skills and labour shortage.

Solutions could range from targeted migration through specific visa programs to increased use of automation. However, while automation may appear to be the obvious solution to the looming labour crisis, the key is to understand how to do more with less.

  • When is automation the answer and when isn’t it?
  • Performance and productivity improvements 
  • Options such as low cost upgrades or simple new processes
  • Enhancing the efficiency and productivity of manual operations 
  • The latest fully automated distribution solutions

Brian Lang, GM Real Time Logistics, Dematic

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