We identify, articulate and deliver your BI goals

We believe BI is a specific discipline, that unusually sits somewhere between IT and Business led initiatives. For this reason, to achieve the goals of a business intelligence project, it is key to have the correct mindset with the specific skills and the understanding of the business processes involved.

Fundamentaly, we must be addressing a specific business need which can be succinctly articulated. No matter what type of BI a company pursues, or the business need it is trying to solve, the main BI goal is to find the right insights at the right time and place, to improve and optimise decision-making and organisational performance.

We help our customers in identifying their BI goals and in articulating them and planning their achievement. We support them identifying the needed resources and supporting technologies and in project execution to deliver the stated goals.

Icon uses an Agile BI delivery approach which involves value-based stages of Exploration, Evaluation, and Evolution; enabling you to meet immediate reporting requirements in parallel with building a robust enterprise data architecture.

Our expert team have years of experience in delivering enterprise grade BI projects for some of Australia's largest and most complex organisations.

Our approach delivers the following benefits:

  1. Decreased time to market for delivery of BI solutions.
  2. Optimised and reduced costs of BI solutions.
  3. Reduce risks and failure of BI projects.
  4. Accelerated adoption of BI solutions to evolving business needs.
  5. Quicker 'time to value' and immediate visibility of value of BI.