We bring a pragmatic, operations based strategic viewpoint

One of the key values we bring to any engagement is in our dialogue with your operations team and understanding the physical site and design concepts for the layout and material flows, which include racking and automation. Once these baseline concept are understood, we can propose a sensible and well considered design which is based on SAP standard principles and a solid logistics point of view, not just a SAP technical one.

Once this vision is articulated, a review of SAP & Icon delivered functionality can be explored to see how this fits with the desired 'end state' and uncover what variations exist that need to be developed.

We bring a pragmatic, operations based strategic view of the physical site(s) requirements and architect a suitable SAP design and project delivery approach to support these goals.

Our Supply Chain Execution practice uses the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) methodology as a base but has a number of additional variations specfic to Icon which again have been tried and tested over many projects.

For both of our lines of business we leverage our own equivalent of SAP's Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) to shorten project timelines and increase 'time to value'.  

Our guiding principles for any engagement are: 

  • We will always look to use and revert to SAP standard functionality where possible.
  • We will always look to satisfy the needs of the business first and IT second.
  • We will do this with you, not to you.
  • We won't be afraid of challenging existing processes and ways of doing things.
  • We won't be afraid of introducing new concepts and technologies where we think it would add specific value.

Our delivery experience will ensure that projects enjoy the following benefits: -

  1. Save time and money and achieve predictable results through the use of a proven design approach.
  2. Ensure the solution is targeted to your business by leveraging advantages from our experience gained at a variety of customers and industries over many years.
  3. Provide you the ability to utilise the templates (design, configuration, testing, conversion etc) developed on other like projects to streamline the project.
  4. Minimise risk by applying the a robust delivery approach and appropriate methodology and tools.
  5. Consistent approach - focusing on integrated end-to-end business processes.