Our Approach to Solution Delivery

In delivering our solutions we consider a number of like implementations, use our consultants experience in similar sites and carefully consider the unique requirements of your business.

Fundamentally, projects must have the close collaboration of both the business function and information technology personnel. We've heard it said many times, but these are business led projects not IT ones.

Our approach will always be to utilise your personnel wherever possible and use their skills and intimate knowledge of your business. We will augment their skills with our skilled consultants and work within your organisational framework to blend a project team of Icon and client resources. Every stage of the project must follow the mantra of knowledge transfer and take every opportunity to transition this to our clients team to make them as self-sufficient as possible.

Icon brings a wealth of intellectual property, skills and experience to the project that will enable the project to be delivered faster and with a guaranteed and proven outcome. By using Icon, you will reduce risk and improve efficiency allowing you to more quickly leverage the very benefits against which the project was justified.

We draw on our consultants’ knowledge of SAP and our intimate knowledge of the local market and people to ensure our mutual success.