Information Management and Business Intelligence

The team at Icon are widely recognised as being leaders in the enablement of Business Intelligence and Information Management (database) solutions. We work all of the leading technology vendors including: SAP (BusinessObjects, Data Services, BW and HANA); Amazon Web Services, Microsoft (Power BI, SQL Server); and Tableau.

We offer a range of consulting services designed to assist in streamlining your implementation projects and to keep your Business Intelligence environment operating at peak levels.

Information Management

The foundation of any BI solution is grounded in the proper preparation and management of data assets. The Icon team have many years of experience in the development and management of data warehouse and mart solutions. Our team can help in the following areas:

1. Database, ETL and Data Quality Tool Selection Platform
2. Database Design and Planning
3. Solution Development
4. Data Quality, Governance and Control

Business Intelligence

The Icon team can help you address any BI requirement - from flexible ad-hoc query reporting and analysis, to dashboards and visualisation, to casual data exploration and mobile delivery through smart phones and pad devices. Developed with business users in mind, Icon can provide self service access to live information, wherever and however people do their jobs - from mobile devices, custom portals and dashboards.
Utilising enterprise technology solutions from vendors including SAP, Tableau and Microsoft, Icon is recognised as one Australis’s most capable BI solutions solution providers.

The core elements of an optimised BI solution include:

BI Platform – Installation and configuration of the underlying BI platform helps organisations provide easy, self service access to information on a single infrastructure integrated with chosen BI applications and with access to an array of heterogeneous environments, which can enable sound decision making.

Enterprise reporting – easily design interactive reports and connect them to virtually any source. Your users can benefit from on-report sorting and filtering - giving them the power to execute decisions instantly.

Ad-Hoc reporting, query and analysis - your decision makers will benefit from a flexible ad hoc reporting, query, and analysis via the Web, without relying on IT. Through an intuitive Web interface, any business professional can access company data - presented in business friendly terms - analyse it using simple 'point and click' and format it to meet personalised requirements.

Interactive Dashboard - for executives, managers and key decision makers, Icon can help you deliver personalised business dashboards and virtualisations. With simple 'point and click', users can interact with visual sliders and guages to easily identify new opportunities and challenges.

MS Office Integration - incorporating data into presentations, spreadsheets and documents is often a time consuming task - especially when you need updates. Empower your users with convenient, live access to company data directly, leveraging familiar tools like Microsoft Office and Sharepoint.

Search and Exploration - combine the simplicity and speed of search with the trust and analytical power of business intelligence to provide immediate answers to business questions, using familiar keyword searches to find information and explore directly on data.

Mobile intelligence – Icon offers the capability to deliver content over any wireless device. You can drill and interact on reports and metrics and take immediate action. Deployment is quick, easy and secure requiring no additional servers. Your users can be notified when a new report has been scheduled or modified.

Secure semantic layer - End users are empowered with data abstraction which presents data in standardised business terms that are easy to understand and trust for self-service reporting and analysis.

Advanced publishing - Schedule and publish personalised reports - such as invoices, account statements and more, with a single action.

Robust Administration - Manage your entire BI deployment through a web based administration console.