Support & Maintenence

Icon offers a wide range of support options, from adhoc Technical and Application Support to Mentoring and Advisory, all of which are designed to provide you with the technical expertise required to ensure the ongoing integrity and use of the system.

Icon support allows you to tailor your level of service by selecting from the following features.

Remote Level 2/3 Support

  • A more formal monthly support service
  • Handling of issues that cannot be resolved by Level 1 support
  • Issue investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Issue Escalation:
  • Preparation of messages to be submitted to SAP Primary support
  • Next step recommendations

Advisory Services

  • Guidance on the implementation of operational procedures, best practices and standards to best fit your organisation.
  • Guidance on the planning of a suitable maintenance lifecycle ensuring that your SAP BusinessObjects environment remains supported and up to date through out its life.
  • Guidance on architectural design, technical standards, integration with third-party components and future road map.

Auditing – Environmental and Usage 

  • Auditing of BusinessObjects logs and system logs such as the Windows Event Log to proactively monitor for recurring technical issues
  • Performance monitoring to highlight load or sizing issues
  • Usage monitoring to highlight usage patterns and content use

System Administration and Management 

  • Administration of servers, users, security and content
  • Environment monitoring and remedial configuration

System Maintenance 

  • Regular maintenance activities to ensure the continued smooth operation of your environment
  • Regular auditing and if necessary cleansing of the BusinessObjects repository and file store
  • Maintenance Package installation and support

Standards and Procedures

  • Implementation of best practice standards as they match to your environment
  • Implementation of procedures to ensure repeatable and consistent operational practices

BICC Advisory & Competency Centre

  • Collaboration with the BICC to assist in achieving the strategic goals of the BI deployment