SAP Supply Chain Execution

We add value to many logistics challenges by combining our business operational experience and our expertise in SAP and the design and implementation of supporting systems.

We understand that there are often system trade-offs that happen on any project deployment and we often find the logistics function operates sub-optimally and is constrained by the SAP solution and not enhanced by it.

Icon's core focus is SAP's Supply Chain Execution solutions, with specific domain expertise in Warehouse Management (EWM/WM), Transport Management (TM) and Logistics Execution (LES) areas. Increasingly we're working in more upstream areas that flow into and out of the warehouse, such as Production and Manufacturing as well and Shipping and Transport Management.

Organisations like yours are forever changing and evolving so whether it’s to cater for a new acquisition, replacing a legacy WMS application, migrating from WM to EWM, expanding your current warehouse footprint or construction a new warehouse facility, Icon offers the expertise you need to ensure your supply chain project is a success.

For SAP supply chain execution solutions, we offer a range of services and products designed to improve operational process performance and efficiency. You'll see a range of these solutions on the following pages.

There are always opportunities to reduce possible waste and inefficiencies from physical logistics systems. Effective Supply Chain Execution software and technology solutions can reduce the cost of goods sold and operating costs through accuracy, speed, efficiency and flexibility. Further possibilities exist within fully integrated solutions to increase revenue potential through up-sales and cross-sales responses through inventory visibility and accuracy.

Our expertise is not only in the knowledge of SAP supply chain solutions but more significantly in the proper application and adoption of these into operations (traditionally on-IT) environments. It's what we do.