Extended Warehouse Management - EWM

SAP's EWM is categorised as being "Best-in-class Warehouse Management" servicing all industries, across ŸDistribution centres & production warehouses, especially those with complex, high volume warehouse operations. The solution supercedes the existing LES-WM ERP solution that many companies run today and is the preferred solution for any new clients. 

Icon will leverage our work within the SAP logistics space to help you properly understand, quanitify and evaluate the solution options from base SAP LES-WM through to the EWM platform and determine the options available to you.

We have our own in-house SAP development and demonstration environments to support the practical evaluation of systems and solutions and we leverage these throughout any subsequent project implementation.

SAP EWM Solution Highlights

  • Powerful warehouse analytics and monitoring
  • Advanced warehouse optimisation 
  • High performance warehouse execution
  • Built-in Material Flow System technology
  • Deep integration with SAP Business Suite
  • Comprehensive mobile offering for warehousing
  • Industry-specific process support 
  • Implementation tools to allow "easy migration" from WM leveraging RDS's (Rapid Deployment Solutions) and Migration Tools.

Inbound Processing Highlights

  • Advance Shipping Notification processing (Automatic/ manual creation)
  • Automatic, rules-based process guidance
  • Comprehensive quality management and returns management
  • Leading-edge warehouse technology integration (PLCs (pallet/case conveyors, RF, RFID..)
  • Integrated import and dangerous goods compliance (bonded warehouse; DG handling)

Storage Planning & Processing Highlights

  • Complete labour management solution (planning, execution, monitoring, HCM integration)
  • Comprehensive slotting rules (condition technique), incl. rearrangement
  • Broad set of replenishment strategies
  • Value added service orders (Kit-to-stock, Kit-to-order, repackaging, labelling)

Outbound Processing Highlights

  • Wave, labour & cartonisation optimisation
  • Full native technology support (mobile radio frequency, pick-by-voice, RFID)
  • Material Flow System for direct PLC and conveyor system communication
  • Transportation process integration
  • Comprehensive warehouse performance analytics & operations monitoring