KPI & Reporting

In addition to functionality offered within the SAP WM solution, we are able to incorporate KPI reporting and productivity improvement monitoring as part of the overall solution.

The data resides within SAP which, when augmented by data specifically captured by the Icon Execution Framework solution allows for a much greater granularity of operational data to underpin process performance improvements.

Icon offers a Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) specifically focused on Warehouse and Supply Chain operations. Utilisation of industry standard tools and practices provides users with timely and accurate insight into your SAP data, enabling informed decision making and allowing users to promptly identify issues.

Our Rapid Deployment Solution consists of:

  • Pre-built SAP table extractors, based on standard SAP tables used for despatch and Logistics Execution processes.
  • A technology agnostic, Data Mart enabling easy access to Business ready data via any Business Intelligence Suite
  • A self-service layer, enabling your users to explore and analyse your SAP data via the SAP BusnessObjects Suite (WebIntelligence, Crystal Reports, Dashboards etc.).
  • A group of core KPI’s delivered as standard BI content (available on SAP BusinessObjects only)

 WM BI Graphic