Logistics Execution Software - LES

The Icon Execution Framework provides a platform for rapid development of optimised execution workflows for both RF and Voice environments.

The Execution Framework looks to plug any gaps in SAP standard delivered solutions for RF & Voice enablement and provides simplicity of use from a Warehouse operative’s perspective and availability and timing of information for informed decision making by the warehouse personnel.

The Execution Framework is a SAP Add-on built entirely in ABAP code which is installed on the ECC6 system and resides entirely within SAP under our unique SAP namespace.  The Execution Framework brings functionality of ‘best of breed’ 3rd party RF middleware products directly into SAP and leverages over 10+ years’ experience in implementing RF and Voice transactions within the SAP arena.

The Execution Framwework has a number of components:

MDE Framework Summary

Transaction Launcher

  • Designed to Focus Users on Business Processes
  • Graphical representation of business process
  • All transactions executed in one place
  • Configurable for Process Teams – Inbound, Outbound, Inventory Control
  • Custom Cockpits

Warehouse Cockpit

Mobile Data Entry (MDE) & User Monitors

  • Designed to Capture and Show User Actions/Events in Real Time & put the Warehouse Manager in Control
  • Answers the “what are my operators doing right now” question
  • Configurable User Action Logs
  • Configurable Timestamp – idle time, pick time, travel time, packing time
  • Configurable KPI / Logistics Events – Performance, Errors, stock Issues
  • Ability to send messages to device users
  • Provides the Data Store for unrivalled warehouse KPI’s
  • Gives support staff the information they need to troubleshoot and train end users

MDE Monitor

Rapid Development Platform

  • Developed in ABAP OO.
  • Provides RF template transactions
  • General utility screens for questions, messages and lists
  • Core functions for Multi AI barcode scanning, label printing and WM and IM postings) – reliable and consistent development outcomes

Optimised Transaction Workflows

  • Intuitive and User friendly screen design, guided through transaction as only one field open for input at any one time,
  • Stream-lined workflow to limit number of key presses,
  • Provides context driven Help for screens and error messages and displayed warehouse operator relevant error messages instead of SAP terminology
  • User Adoption is enhanced because the transaction works for them and are better aligned to their physical process.

The rich feature set of the Icon Execution Framework in conjunction with the experience of Icon's consultants ensures RF and Voice transactions can be delivered, enhanced and developed rapidly in a robust and consistent manner to support warehouse operational processes.