RF & Scanning

We have been building and delivering shop floor data capture solutions for many years and we know how to do this. We have a range of pre-built RF (and Voice) workflows which are built using the Icon Execution Framework and are available as project enablers which we call Quick Start Work Flows (QSWF).  

Key benefits with Icon’s QSWF’s:

  • Designed to enable Optimised Transactional Workflows
  • The only time an operator has to press a function key is at a decision point in a process.
  • They never have to press F4- Next, just to continue to the next step in a workflow.
  • Information is presented so users can see it at a glance
  • Input fields are shown so operators can easily see what they are entering
  • User Adoption is enhanced because the transaction works for them and can be aligned to their physical process

Example Icon RF Workflows

Example Icon RF Workflow

Example SAP Standard MDE Workflows

SAP Std Workflow

Additionally, Icon have many years experience at working alongside most of the Auto-ID hardware vendors in the market, including (but not limited to); Intermec (now Honeywell) LXE, Symbol (now Motorola) and Psion Teklogix.

We understand the required specifications of device and what configurations best work with SAP. We're able to mitigate the risk of the RF project by working in conjunction with your chosen provider to ensure end to end compatability and user adoption.