Transport Management - TM

SAP Transportation Management is an integral part of SAP SCM software. It's key value is it's integration with SAP ERP.

The SAP Transport Management (TM) solution has five key pillars:

  1. Transportation Requirements Management
    • A robust framework manages high volume transportation requirements holistically – from entry to final settlement – with best-in-class user experience and dynamic integration with source systems.
  2. Freight Planning and Optimisation
    • Advanced planning capabilities from the SAP Transportation Management application help to consolidate loads, to determine the most efficient combination of modes, routes, and resources, and to optimise carrier selection. These capabilities reduce transportation-related costs, increase efficiency and vehicle utilisation, and improve on-time delivery of shipments for large planning situations or for individual planning proposals for transportation requirements.
    • SAP Transportation Management will optimise individual freight units and shipments, and consolidate them for domestic, international, single, or multimodal transportation scenarios in interactive or background planning.
  3. Freight Tendering
    • Reduce operating costs and improve operational performance by automating the freight tendering process.
    • Optimal freight plans and capacity utilisation help you to schedule the most freight for the least cost while honouring service constraints.
  4. Ocean Carrier Booking
    • Collaborate with carriers when booking ocean and air carrier capacity for domestic or international shipments.
    • SAP enables electronic capacity reservations and transfer of shipping instructions to improve interaction and services with ocean and air carriers and global supply and logistics networks.
  5. Freight and Forwarding Settlement
    • SAP TM supports standardised processes aligned with current, global electronic data interchange (EDI) communication patterns by design. Automated workflows enable booking confirmations and shipping instructions to be changed dynamically.
    • SAP TM helps you manage both simple and complex freight agreements and related master data, as well as calculation rules for carriers and customers, and it allows you to calculate freight costs, revenue, and profits precisely and automatically.

 Download a SAP TM datasheet