Voice enabling SAP

“SAP finds its Voice”

Voice technology now plays a major enabling role within the warehouse and distribution centre for users wanting to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Vocollects world leading technology, together with Icon’s range of pre-built SAP logistics solutions can help you manage your entire distribution cycle more effectively. From activities such as picking, cycle-counting and replenishment, we’ll quickly help you improve your warehouse productivity and overall accuracy.

Benefits of VoiceDirect for SAP

  • No middleware - all business logic and control resides within SAP. 
  • Embraces and leverages SAP standards and fully utilizes the SAP technical landscape to voice-enable transactions from either the SAP WM or EWM warehouse modules. 
  • Voice enables SAP Mobile Data Entry screens specific for dialogs/tasks such as: Goods Receipt, Picking and Cycle Counting. 

Icon and Vocollect’s award winning solution combine to help you improve your warehouse productivity and overall accuracy, while driving a significant and quantifiable bottom-line increase

You can now voice enable SAP transaction with a simple pass through technology that will convert your ABAP Transactions to Voice Workflows. There is no longer expensive middleware systems and interfaces in-between you and the benefits of voice execution. Implementing and supporting Voice just got a whole lot easier.

System Landscape

Voice Architecture

Hitorically Voice implementations with SAP required third party voice solutions with middleware and interfaces (such as Dematic’s Pick-to-Voice).  A direct voice solution to SAP provided by Vocollect called Voice Direct ERP is now available. The direct voice solution greatly reduces the time and cost for voice implementations and provides a simpler systems architecture for ongoing support.

The Voice Direct ERP (VDERP) solution ensures that all business logic and data remains within SAP providing “one version of the truth” for all master and transactional data.  No additional interfaces are required or silos of data. Also, no additional licenses required or technical build required for rollout to additional warehouse sites allowing the cost of a pilot site to fund a wider program.

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