Warehouse Management - WM

SAP WM has been around for many  years and is an integrated component of SAP LES and ERP. It remains the most widely used WMS solution for SAP customers in Australia today and has competed against a number of so called "Best of Breed" soltions available.

Much of the work Icon does today is to extend and optimise the current SAP WM environments to meet the changing needs of the business. We find many customers are not utilising the current WM solution anywhere near to its capacity and the environment out of step with the business.

By applying a deep knowledge set of the available components within the LES suite, including WM and using our range of solution extensions, we significantly bridge the gap between WM and EWM functionality which meet most customers requirements. 

SAP list the main functional differences between WM and EWM in the graph below. We've added an example of the solution extensions we have available as an example:

Wm Vs Ewm Extn

Icon will leverage our experience and work within the SAP logistics space to help you properly understand, quanitify and evaluate the solution options from base SAP LES-WM through to the EWM platform and determine the options available to you.

We have our own in-house SAP development and demonstration environments to support the practical evaluation of systems and solutions and we leverage these throughout any subsequent project implementation.

Download a SAP case Study for SAP WM at Orica Consumer products.