About Icon Integration
Established in 2011, Icon Integration employs a team of approximately 70 professionals working out of Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand. Specialising in SAP supply chain execution, and business intelligence (BI), Icon Integration helps clients to maximise their operational efficiencies and utilise their data to improve business processes, identify and leverage new opportunities, and gain a competitive advantage. In 2020 Icon Integration was acquired by Accenture.

About Us

About Icon Integration

Icon brings a wealth of intellectual property, skills and experience to the project that will enable the project to be delivered faster and with a guaranteed and proven outcome. By using Icon, you will reduce risk and improve efficiency allowing you to more quickly leverage the very benefits against which the project was justified.

Our Approach

Our approach will always be to utilise your personnel wherever possible and use their skills and intimate knowledge of your business. We will augment their skills with our skilled consultants and work within your organisational framework to blend a project team of Icon and client resources. Every stage of the project must follow the mantra of knowledge transfer and take every opportunity to transition this to our clients team to make them as self-sufficient as possible.

Our Talent

Icon Integration pride themselves in their capabilities in bringing the best talent from around the globe with the skill sets to deliver highly technical projects for our customers.

Our Team

Meet Paul Roddis

Paul is Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director of Icon and has over 27 years of experience in the IT software and services industry. Most of this has been focused on sales, especially new business development. He is a solution seller with significant experience in ERP & SCM markets with a strong track record of achievement across all market verticals and industries.

Meet Pete Collett

Pete started working with BusinessObjects UK as a technical support engineer in 1998. After 7 years working in various technical roles across the European and Asia Pacific regions, he turned his attentions towards the sales function as a solution architect. Within 3 years he was recognised by BusinessObjects as their Asia Pacific Sales Consultant of the Year in 2007. Peter continues to share his broad experiences, helping organisations successfully deploy and leverage business intelligence solutions.