Building on Honeywell’s 20+ years of DC technology R&D for voice-directed warehouse workflows, Honeywell has continued to invest in the Vocollect™ voice platform. Their most recent development is a refresh to the A700, the A700 has been the standard of Icon’s SAP warehouse workflow implementations due to Vocollect’s proven productivity improvements and direct integration with SAP, without the need for middle-ware.

Some of the key refresh improvements for the A700x include:

  • A new Speaker Independent Recognition Engine allows workers to start using the A700x immediately, reducing operator training time.
  • Advanced and sensors for temperature, height, drops, orientation etc to enable greater logistics analytics visualisations and insights through Icon Integrations Business Intelligence consultancy practice.
  • Intelligent analytics for evaluating operator performance metrics in real time.
  • Built on the Linux operating system, future-proofing your investment.

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