Industry Expertise

Financial Services

Icon Integration can help financial services organisations grasp the opportunities data provides, by introducing agility in solutions that provide immediate business value, optimise revenue, create customer-centric and data-driven cultures.

Electronics & Retail

Icon Integration can provide insight to make data-driven decisions for your customers based on a broad range of social, transactional and customer data. A better understanding of customer preference, behaviour and values allows you to deepen and broaden customer engagement through personalisation of services and consistent interactions.

Government & Public Sector

Icon Integration has a depth of experience helping make government, government agencies and local councils more efficient boosting businesses and the broader economy.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Helping manufacturing organisations take advantage of Machine Learning, IOT and Advanced Analytics.

Life Sciences

Organisations can derive significant value from the increased ability to better understand patients and physicians through data and analytics.


Big data, advanced analytics and pre-built customer solutions for the telecommunications industry.

Transport & Logistics

The transport industry is now more data-driven than any time in history. Icon Integration is working with logistics organisations and logistics operations to leverage data to deliver operational excellence.


Helping utilities organisations take advantage of Machine Learning, IOT and Advanced Analytics.