Major cloud vendors are continually developing new specialist Data Management, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics products that offer advanced capabilities such as computer vision, speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP). A well architected cloud solution will unlock value in your enterprise data like never before.

Enterprises are moving to host their data and analytics processes in the cloud to allow them to harness more data, from a multitude of sources, in quicker timeframes, in a centralized platform to collaborate. The range of services available on cloud platforms provide more options than ever, including the ability to architect future-proof, scalable solutions to fit to your enterprises need.

Icon Integration


Icon Integration’s data technology and infrastructure services excel in helping our customers design and build cloud solution architectures for data and analytics. Our Solution Architects take the time to understand your business, users and customers to inform the best data technology architecture for your needs.

Our Approach

Our approach is to “think big - start small – grow fast”. We know that the most successful solutions build on use cases that are important to the business. We focus on initially delivering Proof of Concept solutions that demonstrate immediate business value to you. Our solutions then scale to the needs of the business when they arise.

The Journey

As a vendor agnostic practice, we have the flexibility to build the best solutions for your requirements. Whether this is a Self-Service BI Solution, a Stream Processing Pipeline built on Azure, a Data Lake built on AWS, or even a cloud-native data warehouse using Snowflake, our experts are ready to guide you on your journey to working smarter with your enterprise data with cloud technology.