A crucial part of any modern organisation

It provides the technological and process frameworks that allow the business to function by ensuring that controlled, secure and accurate data is available to users reliably and in a timely manner.

The world is creating more data than ever. The ability to properly gather, store and analyse this data provides immense opportunities to grow and inform better business decisions for the enterprise.

The Challenge

New data comes in greater volume, velocity and variety than ever before

Legacy data management methods are struggling to keep up, leaving businesses to remain reliant on existing reports and stifling the ability to draw new and better insights.

Investment in Data Management solutions to extend analytic capabilities to make use of these new data assets is crucial – and enterprises are increasingly aware of this. In fact, a recent IDC survey has shown that half of Australian IT executives are increasing their investment in data and analytics this year.

Icon Integration is experienced in navigating our customers to the new world of data and analytics through our Data Management Consulting and Solutioning Services. Our team of consultants are experts in all facets of Data Management.

Business Intelligence


Our Approach

Tailored to your business

Our consulting methodology ensures that our recommended Data Management Solutions are tailored to your business and are built to scale as your business grows. We start small, with the end in mind – we identify a use case that is important to you and prototype a solution that fits your needs. Once we have demonstrated the value of the solution, we can move to pilot and production stages to create a robust solution for your organisation.

This approach has proven to be a success with our customers, allowing them to trial an expert-built solution specific to their business, whilst minimising outlay and risk.

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