Artificial Intelligence

Our Process

Our data strategy work delivers tangible outputs within short 3-6 week phases. We achieve rapid time-to-value, focusing on:

  • Where you are today – We provide a detailed assessment of your current analytics maturity: People, process & technology.
  • Where you want to be tomorrow – Our team will help clarify and articulate your organisation’s long-term vision for your data and analytics journey.
  • How you are going to get there – We create a customised analytics plan and roadmap including details on what data, analytics, technologies, people and processes you need to reach your goals.

Our Methodology

Our consulting methodology ensures that our recommended solutions are tailored to your business and are built to scale as your business grows. We start small, with the end in mind – we identify a use case that is important to you and prototype a solution that fits your needs. Once we have demonstrated the value of the solution, we can move to Pilot and Production stages to create a robust solution for your organisation.

This approach has proven to be a success with our customers, allowing them to trial an expert-built solution specific to their business, whilst minimising outlay and risk.

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Our Offering

Assessment of your current capabilities to identify gaps and opportunities to improve the performance of your data and analytics assets through health checks and analytics assessments.

Determination of the potential value of your data assets through enrichment with external data and the development of data products.

Creation of a shared understanding of the value and application of data and information within your organisation through a robust information strategy.

Renewal and streamlining of your data infrastructure to reduce operating costs and become more agile.

Projects that deliver solutions, covering data integration, data visualisation, reporting and advanced analytics.

Governance to improve the trust, accuracy and reliability of data across your organisation, and to reduce risks associated with sensitive data.

Helping organisations understand what capability is needed in people, process, technology and governance to achieve their organisation goals and aspirations.

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